Maya Hope Endorsement by author Julia C Loren

Maya Hope has everything I like in a novel - a love story, a thriller that evolves like a movie, international settings and characters whose business deals take place in the shadowlands between myth with murder, and a stumbling, self-centered man who reluctantly becomes a hero.
It is like a Nicholas Sparks romance book unfolding within the international setting of a murder mystery with an orthopedic surgeon in the middle of it all. So what am I saying? Women will love this book. And once you finish it, the man in your life will want to read it, too. (Come on guys – we know you like Nicholas Sparks movies).
The protagonist is a medical doctor who reveals just enough technical info to keep us engaged in the story, struggles with physical and emotional desires and eventually learns to love as he taps into the experience of God’s presence.

The author, Timothy Browne, presents a wonderful character arc of growth leaving you wanting to know more about where life – and God – takes him. I can’t wait for the sequel!

As an author of many books both fiction and non-fiction  Claim your Anointing, (,  I know quality writing when I read it and see that Timothy Browne is sure to become a rising star in Christian Fiction – specifically medical murder mystery. Read Maya Hope and you’ll see what I mean.

Maya Hope Review by author Joni Fisher

What could be better than a medical thriller written by a physician? Not since COMA by Robin Cook, and The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton, have I been this excited about a medical thriller. Author and physician Timothy D. Browne's Maya Hope offers a devastating medical what-if scenario and then he backs it up with layers of believable science and human nature. The story is set in the medical mission field, those end-of-the-earth places where people suffer from lack of medical care. Places the rest of the world ignores. Places where the poor are the most vulnerable. Take a thrill ride to the remote villages of Guatemala where something is happening to the villagers that a visiting physician cannot ignore or explain until he digs deeper into unspeakable danger.