Agape Orthopaedics Supports Hope Force International Efforts

This has been quite a year of turmoil: fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, terror, war and rumors of war. Our dear friends, Jack and Cherie Minton run a wonderful ministry, Hope Force International ( and are involved in relief efforts in many areas around the world. To support this ministry, Julie and I have decided to donate all profits from my book, Maya Hope for the holiday months (November and December 2017) to support Hope Force in their worldwide efforts to affect those impacted by natural disaster.

Our hopes are that you will join us in supporting Hope Force and would order copies for yourself and loved ones. Maya Hope is a transformational fiction novel that will not only entertain you, it will inspire you with God’s work of redemption. Please go to Amazon to order:

Maya Hope has recently been republished in a second edition that includes an introduction of the upcoming book, The Tree of Life. It is available in hardback, paperback, and eBook. This second edition of Maya Hope is being published at an unprecedented time in history. Although Maya Hope is a fictional story, it takes you into North Korea for a view of the country and the nationalistic pride that flows through every part of their society. No military conflict or regime change will alter this ideology. Something this entrenched can only be affected by a move of God. It is important that we all understand how to pray…the stakes have never been higher.

To multiply our fundraising efforts, please share with your friends and family or re-post on social media. For more information about my books, visit my website at  Thank you for your time and consideration with this endeavor. Through these efforts, we hope to help many people who were affected by tragedy.


                 Click below to order your copy from Amazon

                 Click below to order your copy from Amazon